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Placenta Encapsulation

Why Encapsulate?

Many who take placenta capsules report an increase in milk production, improved mood and energy levels, decreased baby blues or postpartum depression and anxiety, and relief from postpartum pain or discomfort.

*Sacred Stork Doula Services is not a licensed medical professional and does not diagnose, treat, or prescribe for any health condition. No specific benefits are promised and benefits have not been evaluated by the FDA. It is your responsibility to determine if using placenta preparations may be of benefit to you. Placental supplementation is intended solely for ingestion by the individual who has birthed the placenta(s).

Is it safe?

While there are no FDA regulations regarding placenta preparation and consumption, rest assured that I work in a safe and sanitized environment and adhere to the strictest food handling guidelines and blood borne pathogen safety measures.

What if I’m GBS positive?

That’s okay!  Group B Strep is a very common and naturally occurring bacteria.  If you are GBS + at the time of birth, I will prepare your placenta in the steamed method, ensuring that no residual GBS remains.


How is it prepared?

There are 2 methods of preparation: “raw” and “steamed”

**These are my general recommendations. You may want to ask your acupuncturist or chiropractor for their thoughts based on your medical history**

Steamed may be best if you:

  • usually run cold, are having a fall or winter (or cold-weather) birth, or often crave salads and fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • have pre-existing mental health struggles, or have experienced postpartum mood disorders before
  •  want a smoother emotional transition and a stronger, more stable milk supply. 

Raw may be best if you:

  • tend to run warm or are having a summer (or warm weather) birth or often crave spicy foods
  • want to replenish your iron stores, especially in the early days of the postpartum period.
  • want a smoother physical recovery and more energy in the postpartum period.

What you get

I provide service to the Spokane and Coeur d’Alene areas

If you choose to have your placenta prepared by me, you will receive your pills within 72 hours of birth/my possession of the placenta.

I am trained in placenta preparation, blood borne pathogens and food safety, so you can be sure that everything will be safe for you to consume.

The Basic Package – $300

Capsules of your prepared placenta delivered to you within 72 hours (typically 75-150 capsules, depending on the size of the placenta)

Cord keepsake if desired

Placenta print if desired

Optional Add Ons-

RUSH my pills

*Delivered in 48 hours or less (subject to my availability). $40


A 4 oz Mother bottle of tincture and a 2 oz dosing bottle. $20

Why a tincture?

A tincture allows you to extend the time you can enjoy the benefits of your placenta.  Since you will probably run out of capsules after 5-6 weeks and the tincture is ready after 6 weeks, a tincture allows you to seamlessly continue receiving the benefits of your placenta.

Also, your tincture will last for FOREVER!  Some people will take their tincture if they notice a drop in their milk supply and others save it to help balance hormones years later when they begin to experience menopause.

Organic Placenta Body Butter

16 oz of whipped body butter made with all organic ingredients.  Available unscented, lightly scented, or scented with lavender and/or frankincense. $50

Uses of Body Butter

This luxurious salve can be used on cesarean birth incision sites, perineal tearing, burns, diaper rash (if your baby has no allergies), cracked or sore nipples, or other common skin irritations on you or your baby. *Not recommended for use on open wounds*

Serving the Orange County, CA area

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