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About the Sacred Stork

Kristin Martinez, Bce Bpe

My Professional Journey

When my dear friend Heather asked if I would be willing to become a doula and support her through her VBAC delivery, I was thrilled! The idea of being a doula had been growing in the back of my mind for almost 7 years, from the birth of my first child. I attended a long weekend workshop where we learned about the process of birth and the roll of the doula. Our leaders, Stacey and Diana, taught us about “the heart of the doula” and it really resonated with me. I got it. This is what I’m meant to do.

I have attended quite a few births since hers, and each one fills me with joy and love.  This is my passion.  This is my heart’s calling.

I have been a doula since February of 2019 and have been processing placentas for others since April of 2020.

​I am also fluent in American Sign Language and might be the right doula for you if you are Deaf or Hard of Hearing.  I worked as an ASL Interpreter for over 10 years and am honored to continue to serve the Deaf community in this new capacity.

With Sacred Stork Doula Services you can rest assured that everything will be taken care of. I approach birth holistically, and I feel honored to be able to share my expertise with women and their families in Orange County, CA. Simply get in touch to get started.

Who I am

I am the mother of 3 beautiful children!  Each birth was different too!  One was born in our home, one in a birth center, and one in a hospital.  I believe my varied personal birth experience allows me to have true empathy with my clients. 

My husband and I have been married since 2008 and he is an amazing source of support, comfort, and encouragement.  I run on coffee and chocolate.  I love reading, especially fantasy, science fiction, and birth books!  In my free time , I enjoy painting and crocheting. 

My Certifications and Training

Doula training from DONA International

Food Safety training

Blood borne Pathogen training

Rebozo training

Birth Trauma training

If you are ready to find out more, here is a link to an interest form. There is no obligation!

Serving the Orange County, CA area

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