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Birth Education

Childbirth Education Courses

6 sessions

6 sessions of in person instruction.  Small groups of up to 6 couples, or private classes.  Each session lasts approximately 2 hours.  We will discuss care providers and birth places, coping with labor, birth plans and informed consent, the journey of labor, pushing and postpartum, and adjusting to life with your baby, plus much more!  

How much is it?

$300 for private classes / $250 for group classes

Weekend Mini 

An in depth class over 2 days.  Both days we will meet for 2 sessions with a lunch break between sessions for a total of around 5 hours.  It will be a lot of information, but a lot of fun too! We will discuss coping with labor, birth plans, the journey of labor, and adjusting to life with your new baby, plus much more!  


How much is it?


Prepared Feeding Course

Prepared Feeding goes beyond the basics of breastfeeding and even those experienced in breastfeeding will learn more!

Topics Include:

establishing the first latch to set a great foundation

breastfeeding positions

connecting position and latch

feeding well in your baby’s first days


feeding rhythms

caring for nipples and breasts

pumping and milk storage

healthy bottle feeding

How much is it?


Pregnancy and Birth Meditations

Twelve pregnancy and birth meditations written by birth professionals and a certified hypnotherapist to help prepare your mind for the journey of labor and birth.

These meditations are written to go hand in hand with the Preparing for Birth Childbirth Course, but can also be used along side any labor and birth preparation.


How much is it?


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