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Birth Education

For Partners

The amount of information out there on birth is overwhelming!  Most of it is geared for the birthing person, but what about her partner?  I have created a course just for you!  You will learn the stages of labor and what you can do to support during each stage.  I tell you what you need to know and what you can do in a concise and entertaining way

This self-paced course was designed after seeing that partners sometimes feel that they don’t know what to expect during labor and birth and therefore don’t know how to support their laboring loved-one.

I knew I could do something about that!  My husband was consulted OFTEN in the process of putting this together. Bless him!

I will NEVER be condescending in presenting this information, because gosh darn it, you’re a grown up!


What you get

After your purchase is complete, you will have access to my presentation as well as unlimited access to me via email from the time of purchase to 30 days after baby’s due date. I will be able to give more detailed answers to those who have taken this course than I would for someone who emailed me out of the blue because I will be able to provide suggestions and answered tailored to your unique situation.

How much is it?


Private Childbirth Education

6 sessions

Preparing for Birth Course – an online childbirth course with live online educator sessions AND a feeding course!  You will have access to 6 education sessions, plus live meetings with me to delve even further into the topics you choose!  These live sessions can be  done privately, or with friends and we will work together to schedule them when it is convenient for you

How much is it?



Prepared Feeding Course

Prepared Feeding goes beyond the basics of breastfeeding and even those experienced in breastfeeding will learn more!

Topics Include:

  • establishing the first latch to set a great foundation
  • breastfeeding positions
  • connecting position and latch
  • feeding well in your baby’s first days
  • interventions
  • feeding rhythms
  • caring for nipples and breasts
  • pumping and milk storage
  • healthy bottle feeding

How much is it?


Pregnancy and Birth Meditations

Twelve pregnancy and birth meditations written by birth professionals and a certified hypnotherapist to help prepare your mind for the journey of labor and birth.

These meditations are written to go hand in hand with the Preparing for Birth Childbirth Course, but can also be used along side any labor and birth preparation.


How much is it?


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